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This section of my site is devoted to my artwork and recipes. I’ve been a cartoonist since second grade. During medical school I left "presents" of ballpoint pen unsigned cartoons about the school, generally as a personal commentary on the experience (the pathology labs were cold enough to freeze ice). I had a lot of fun watching them get found. No one ever figured out that it was me. I wish now I had kept copies of them!

In my second year of medical school, I started to experiment with realistic pen and ink illustration. I only switched to oil painting after my Anesthesia residency was finished, focusing on realistic portraits.

Over the years, I expanded my subject matter to landscapes and still lifes, sometimes with a whimsical twist. My work has hung in multiple galleries and I have sold there and in shows. However, It is only recently that I began painting my whimsical bunnies, instead of doing them in pen and ink.

Over the years, I've published a great many cartoons and pen-and-ink illustrations over the years - more than I could possibly list here. All of them are signed with my maiden name. Many were in small, private publications with a limited circulation.

To see a partial list please go to my publications page. It includes links to some of their images.

This section also has a gallery page with a mix of cartoons, oil paintings, and sculptures.

Finally, the other creative side of my life has to do with cooking. My mother was a college Home Ecconomics professor who specialized in food and textiles. She started my cooking lessons when I was 5, and I was baking bread by 11. I love to bake, and offer here a page of recipes, some family favorites, many others gluten-free. To see them, visit my recipes page.

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